What is a taxbot?

TaxBots help you to properly consider the tax law and regulations when making a decision. The Bots use algorithms populated by South African tax experts. You answer questions and the Bot filters the relevant parts of the tax law and regulations for you to consider. Each Bot produces a visual representation of the likely overall direction in which detailed guidance is likely to point you. You get an instant detailed PDF report with guidance prepared by experts that you can use to make an informed decision.

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What is an individual taxpayer's South African tax residence status?

A natural person may be a South African tax resident for a number of reasons. This enquiry also needs to take into account the person’s tax residence status in countries with which South Africa has concluded tax treaties. This Bot has been designed to assist you to navigate this complex set of requirements when determining a person’s South African tax residence status.

Is an entity is personal service provider (PSP)?

Certain service provider entities may be treated similarly to employees. This bot has been designed to guide taxpayers and advisors to assess and understand the risks relating to payments made to entities that may potentially be personal service providers persons. These payments could be subject to employees’ tax (PAYE).

Can a taxpayer claim an allowance for future expenditure under section 24C?

Taxpayers may be entitled to deduct an allowance for certain future expenditure on contracts against income that already accrued to or been received by them. This allowance is granted in terms of section 24C of the Income Tax Act. The application of this provision has been the subject matters of a number of judgements in recent times. 

What should I consider in the tax dispute or potential tax dispute?

The tax dispute process is complicated. Many taxpayers and their advisors do not make fully informed decisions, which come back to haunt them later in the process. This Bot has been designed to assist you to improve your decisions relating to tax disputes or potential tax disputes.

Does a case qualify for voluntary disclosure (VDP)?

The Tax Administration Act contains a permanent voluntary disclosure programme (‘VDP’). Taxpayers can use this to regularise their affairs. It is essential that taxpayers ensure that they meet the requirements to use the VDP before pursuing this process. This Bot has been designed to assist you in determining whether a case complies with the requirements for a valid voluntary disclosure.

Does the taxpayer qualify for the foreign remuneration exemption? (Expat tax)

Remuneration earned by South Africans who work abroad may be exempt, or partially exempt, from tax in South Africa. There have been significant changes to this exemption over the past few years. This Bot has been designed to provide guidance on the requirements to be considered when determining whether a taxpayer may qualify for the exemption. It also highlights some complexities to consider.

Is a service provider an independent contractor?

Does section 8C apply to a share incentive award?

Should a purchaser withhold tax when buying property in South Africa?

Should the taxpayer submit an income tax return in South Africa?

How does a taxbot work?

1. Select the TaxBot you want to use

2. Answer questions about your scenario

3. The TaxBot provides you with a high level indication of the likely direction of guidance

4. Receive a detailed PDF Research Report that you can use to make a decision

Why do you need to use the bots?

Instant research that saves you time

Accurate research that mitigates risk

Use the Bots to engage more effectively with your clients

Ideal tool to train junior staff on the job


Choose between the pay as you use option and the monthly membership option

Pay as you use

Price varies / per bot


Discounted Usage for Bots

Monthly usage included

Firm with users (one subscription with multiple login details)

Storage with all results generated

Save/Resume function (allows you to save you responses and resume at a later stage)

PDF research reports with detailed guidance



R495/ per month

Discounted usage fees for Bots

R5 000 sign-on usage bonus 

R2 500 usage per month

Firm subscriptions (one subscription with login details for multiple users)

All results generated stores for future access

Save/Resume function
(allows you to save you responses
and resume at a later stage)

PDF research reports with detailed guidance

*We have launched a beta version of the Bots

Frequently Asked Questions

Must a member pay to use the Bots?

Your monthly membership includes usage to the value of R2 500. In other words, when you pay your membership subscription of R495 you can use Bots to the value of R2 500 every month without having to make any additional payment. This means that a member effectively pays approximately 20% of the member cost for the first R2 500 of usage during a month.

To illustrate further: 

If a member has paid its subscription fee for the month and wishes to use the PSP Bot, which has a discounted cost of R195 per use for members, the cost of usage will be deducted from the R2 500 available. The member’s balance will be reduced to R2 305. The member can continue to use Bots at the member’s discounted rate until this balance has been depleted for the month.


Once the balance has been depleted, the member needs to deposit additional funds to continue usage. Usage will be charged at member discounted rates (for example, R195 for the PSP Bot) against the balance.

Can I send the reports to my clients?

The purpose of the Bots is to provide guidance on the application of the tax law, not advice. The reports are primarily designed to be used as guidance by a tax practitioner who has a working knowledge of the tax laws, but requires instant and accurate guidance to assist him/her to advise their clients. Since tax advice is always fact and circumstance specific, the Bots and reports cannot provide such advice.


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